HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US (C) Copyright CopecoProducts 2011 Power Quality Analysis - FAQs 7. What are the supported protocols? Currently supported protocols are: - Ethernet based: OPC (DA, Data Access), Wed (http) and proprietary TCP/IP - Seriel port: Elcom (Elspec protocol) and ModBus RTU Other protocols, such as IEC 61850, OPC AE (Alarm & Events) and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) will be added in the future.  Currently there is no specific schedule for any of the above protocols.  Please note that every modern SCADA software supports OPC, and it does not require any integration efforts.  It is in use by our customers with great success.  If site communication standard is DNP-3.0, OPC is a viable alternative. HOME    |    ABOUT    |    MARKETS    |    PRODUCTS    |    SUPPORT    |    CONTACT US